Social Events

Knox United offers a wide range of social events for our senior players. Our social manager, Luke Chapman has planned many events for the 2023 season including both team and club wide events. In addition to this, many teams have other events planned. The official list of events includes;

  • New Players Night (February/March) – New players are introduced to the squad in a social event. New players night is a great way for players to connect outside of football, and bring a great sense of camaraderie to the squad before the season starts
  • Premier League Jersey Auctions (April) – On Jersey auction day, Players involved in the Premier League squad have to bid for their jersey number, with all proceeds going back into the club. In 2020, the club raised $1200
  • Pub Crawl (Late April/Early May) – One of the favourite events of the year, Players from our Premier League squad, as well as others partner up, and go pub to pub around the North Sydney Area. During the night, there are a number of rules or challenges aimed at increasing everyones enjoyment of the event
  • Pub Golf (Mid Season) – Similar to Pub Crawl, Our Premier League players go pub to pub throughout North Sydney, completing challenges along the way
  • End of Season awards (September) – All our players from all our squads come together and celebrate the season with a wide range of awards for performances throughout the season

Times and Dates will be communicated closer to the events. Other Events may be planned throughout the season, but not yet announced.

Tom Lilley (Left) paying $95 for #17
Pub Crawl