About the Club

Knox United Football Club was founded in 1995. The club has steadily grown over the years, in recent year the beginning and development of the Junior Teams has help the club grow in numbers. With the club being a home to more than 200 players, coaches, manages, volunteers and supporters.

Knox United FC competes within the Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) and has been competing within the association since the creation of the club. 

As a club, we pride ourselves on offering footballing within the local community for all ability levels and at all ages. Founded as integral members of the Old Knox Grammarian’s Association (OKGA), Knox United celebrates and fosters strong connections with the school through the game we all love. Although Knox United provides a means of bringing together students past and present, we importantly welcome players from all backgrounds, no connection to the school required.

In 2019 Knox United took a major step towards expansion, and with great success, by fielding a Championship winning Under 14 Division 2 Junior team. The first Junior team in the Club’s history.

For 2020, the club secured 3 new Junior teams – U13s, U14’s (Super League) and U15’s (Super League).

In 2021, the club expanded again with the addition of 2 new Men’s Social teams in Division 8 and 10 & another Junior team with the Under 16’s Super league. In Addition to the pre-existing, Division 1 Men’s Premier League squad, Men’s All Age Division 9 Social team, Men’s Over 35s Division 3 team as well as our Under 15’s, Under 14’s & Under13’s Super League Junior teams.

Moving forward, the Club eagerly anticipates the further development and continued expansion of our Junior Football contingent and looks forward to the success it will bring. Following the example set by the Junior teams, our Senior teams look to expand with the integration of another competitive Division 3 team in the upcoming seasons.

As a Club we encourage any prospective junior player and their parents to reach out to us with expressions of interest through the Contact Us page on our website or our Social Media Platforms.