Junior Teams

Knox United FC Junior teams first started in 2019 and since then our Junior teams have been able to steadily grown through the years.
In 2023 Knox United had a Super League team in the Under 18’s. As well as Division 2 team in the Under 13 age group. In 2024 the club will have a Super League team in the Under 14’s.

As our Junior program grows, Knox United are keen to create a second team within the same age group for a more social aspect of the game in another division.

Playing for Knox United offers young players the chance to be a part of an ever growing and welcoming club. Providing you with many great opportunities, to grow and improve your skills in the game that we love.
We welcome all players, regardless of football background. If you’re a retuning player or someone wanting to get back into the sport; to wanting to play for the very first time.
No affiliation with the Knox Grammar School is needed to play, all are welcome.
Regardless of what team you’re in Win, Draw or Loss. We’ pride ourselves on the community aspect of our club, with supporting each on and off the filed.


What is Super League?
Super league is what Division 1 is called for Boys Under 12 to Under 18 teams.
Similarly like what Premier League is for Mens/Women’s All Age and Diamond League is for the Girls Under 12 – Under 18.

Super League Trials
Super League trials normally occur in November. The club will release details in advance and encourages all to come along and have a go!

When and Where are the games?

  • Special time requests are put in so that when the private school winter sports play – the games will be on Sunday.
  • All other games are held on Saturdays, between 8:30am and 1pm.

Venues can range from Brooklyn to North Sydney, depending on the other team’s home grounds in the division. Home and Away games are played throughout the competition, where ideally each team plays a home game then an away game.
Knox United’s Home grounds are Curagal Fields, The Glade, NTRA Ovals and Kent Oval.
Location of grounds can be found, NSFA’s website at Find a Ground

Who are the Coaches & Managers?
Our Junior coaches are both our Senior Players as well as professional coaches hired by the club. Coaches will be identified at the start of pre-season of who is coaching what age group.
Managers range from Senior Players of the club to Parents of the players.
If you would like to help Manage your child team please get in contact with us. As we would love to get the parents more involved with the club.

Duration of play and Ball size

  • Under 12: 50 minutes (25 minutes per half)
  • Under 13-14: 60 minutes (30 minutes per half) 
  • Under 15-16: 70 minutes (35 minutes per half)
  • Under 17-18: 90 minutes (45 minutes per half)
  • Under 12 & Under 13 matches use a FIFA-approved Size 4 ball. 
  • Under 14 to Over 45 matches use a FIFA-approved Size 5 ball.

What day will Training be?
Training days are allocated to each team closer to pre-season, generally they are during the week in the evening.

What uniform will i need?

  • Each player will be given a numbered playing Home Jersey at the start of the season.When the colours of our jersey clash with another team, your manager or coach will supply an Away Jersey for that round.
  • Black Knox United shorts and White Knox United socks can be purchased though the club, your coach will arrange this with the team prior to the start of the season with the Equipment Manager.
  • Other Knox United merchandise can be purchased as well including Hoodies, Tracksuit Jackets, Training Jerseys and more. Have a look at our Online Shop page for more details.

How can i register and how much are the fees?
Registration for 2024 will open up during pre-season in February; and the Club with release its registration fees, in the new year, prior to pre-season.
Have a look at out Registration Fees page for more details


We look forward to seeing you out on the park playing the game we all love. If you have any other questions or queries about the Club or the Teams, please send us a message though out Contact Us page.