Life Members & Honour Roll

To become a Life Member or be on the Honour Roll is a a great privilege and honour, it shows the hard dedication, perseverance and loyalty each individual has for the club.

Any member of the club may nominate a person for recognition of the Honour Role or for Life Membership for any person who has rendered outstanding service to the club. The committee may endorse a nomination for Club Recognition using the following scoring system:

  • Playing Member (10 points per year)
  • Member of the Club General Committee (10 points per year)
  • Member of the Club Executive Committee (15 points per year)
  • Coaching appointment within the club (10 points per year)
  • Member of affiliated Football committee (10 per committee per year)
  • Extraordinary Club involvement (5 points per year)

As a guideline, the nominee should score a minimum of 150 points for Honour Role and 300 points for Life Membership. For more detail please refer to the Club’s Constitution.