Tom Lilley

Name: Tom Lilley

Squad Number: TBA

Position: Winger

Joined club in: 2018

Appearances for the club: 100

KUFC Premier League Debut Number: 127

Goals scored: 29

Honours: Mallacoota Cup 2019


What you love about the club?
Knox United has provided the opportunity where you can maintain school friendships and a community of likeminded people across ages. The culture and passion on the football field and social events is special and everyone is made to feel welcome.

Why did you join Knox United FC?
To play football with mates at a high level and have fun doing it

Most rememberable fixture you’ve played in for the club?
Making Prem’s debut against Lane Cove. Came off the bench and scored a pen to secure the win.

Where have you play before you joined for Knox United FC?
Lindfield 2009-2017

What professional team or player do you follow and why?
Chelsea FC. Born in South London and always loved the blue shirt and the players.

Who do you think is the G.O.A.T?
Messi obviously

Which fixture are you most looking forward to in the 2023 season? and why?
Barker oh wait…