Spencer Kaye

Name: Spence Kaye

Squad Number: 1

Position: Goal Keeper

Joined club in: 2019

Appearances for the club: 60

KUFC Premier League Debut Number: 126

Clean Sheets: 10

Honours: N/A


What you love about the club?
I love that the club is so much fun and very inclusive to all players.

Why did you join Knox United FC?
To be able to play for team that plays in a high competitive level

Most rememberable fixture you’ve played in for the club?
Knox United FC vs Old Baker FC in 2019, my first clean sheet for the club

Where have you play before you joined for Knox United FC?
Knox United Grammar 1st XI 2016, Gladsvill FC, 2017-18

What professional team or player do you follow and why?
Liverpool FC, they have a great world class team.