Season Wrap Up 2022

If has been an up and down kind of season. With the clubs 27th season coming to a close with an unprecedented amount of rain, saw a total of 21 games from the clubs 11 teams being washed out due to wet weather.

This season saw the again the largest number of registered players for the club with 177 players. Having 6, All Age Men’s team (Premier League Firsts, Reserves, Division 6, Division 7, Division 9 & Division 10), as well as an Over 35’s team (Division 2). Our Junior teams, having only started in 2019, have grown exponentially with the club’s with a Super League (Division 1) Team in the Under 18 and Under 16. And 2 Division 2 teams with Under 14 and Under 12.

This year saw the creation of the Knox United Online shop, which has been a great contributing factor with the purchase of a variety of Knox United playing uniform, as well as Winter merchandise. Another highlight of the season was the addition of a Life Member of Mark Jennings who has become life member after an amazing 24 season at the club.

The return of the Premier League First Grade Coach, Stephen Roach led the team to a solid 7th position on the table – well clear the of relegation from last year. Along with the assistance of Reserve team coach Roy Wethereld, Ressies scrambled to finish 8th. The Premier squad made the most of difficult training conditions and were able to develop a strong squad of 36 players, with most of the squad under the age of 24, the future of the squad looks in good hands. Sadly, with the majority of pre-season being washed out. The Old Boys cup was unable to be played this season, regardless Knox United Premier League was able to defeat Old Barker FC 2-0 in round 1 and 2-1 in round 10.

Riddled with injuries throughout the season Premier League squad saw 5 Junior player in the Under 18 and Under 16s get a call up to help the squad out. The squad were showed their real strength and endurance to play on through the season, providing amazing critical wins, goals and saves.

Knox United Premier Squad with a 2-0 win over Old Barker Fc to start the season

It was a similar story for the rest of our All-Age teams as they battled the weather and streched playing numbers throughout the season. With the promotion of 2021’s Division 8 team, the club also welcomed an additional team to division 7. Division 6 thrived throughout the season only losing 2 games and were unlucky to just miss out on the title finishing 2nd on the table by 1 point. Division 7, 9 and 10 fought through the season with a large number of injuries but were able to pull through gaining some traction near the second half of the season to get some well deserved wins. It was great to see all of the All Ages teams helping each other throughout the season, with some players playing 2 full games in 1 weekend. These players were able to show the Knox United FC spirit!

Knox United Division 6 after the last game of the season defeating St Ives 4-3

Knox United’s Over 35’s gained promotion to Division 2 for the 2022 season and continued the theme of the year with injuries and absences through the season. They were able to remain competitive throughout the season and we be boosted with the addition of some ‘younger blood’ in 2023.

Knox United Over 35’s at NTRA playing in the Clubs charity fundraising round.

In the 2022 season saw the inaugural the Retro Round on the 11th of June. Knox United helped to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute. Black Dog Institute is a non-for profit organisation which researches and brings awareness for mental health. The club was able to raise over $500 which all goes towards the research of mental health. If you would like to know more about the Black Dog Institute please follow the link here.

Knox United Division 9 wearing past jerseys raising money for KUFC’s Retro Round
Knox United Premier League wearing past jerseys raising money for KUFC’s Retro Round

Knox United’s Junior teams have been and continue to be a massive boost for the club, with all teams and players preforming well in their respective divisions. Under 18’s Super League were able to hold strong and the Under 16’s Super League were able to finish mid-table. Division 2 Under 15’s were to battle right to the end of the season. This year saw the clubs youngest team in the Division 2 Under 12’s coached by newly signed Morgan Singleton who was able to lead the team throughout the season.

U18 SL players Oscar Small (left) and Mark Guvlekjian (right) with President Daniel Rahme (centre) being call up to Premier Squad

The 2022 season saw the return of Knox United FC to the Mallacoota Cup, returning as defending champions 2 years in a row. The selected squad of 19 players were able to fight their way though the group stage and found their way in the grand final, sadly losing 1-0 to Kissing Point FC.

KUFC Mallacoota squad, finishing Runners Up and playing in the new Away Jersey.

Lastly with the end of the 2022 Winter Season, commences the 2022 Summer Season where Knox United have 2 Senior Men’s All age teams and an Under 15’s team and Under 10’s. Good luck to all teams.

We as a club look forward to the 2023 season, looking to expand the club even further with more Junior teams and Social Men’s All Age teams.

Thank you to all Coaches, Managers, Parents and Supporters for cheering on of the clubs teams, in the sunshine and during the rain.
Special thank you to all of the clubs Sponsors of Heritage, Oz Furniture, Irwin Packaging and OKGA, without their help and support would not make the club what it is.

On behalf of the club we look forward to seeing everyone for hopefully a sunny 2023 season.