Season Wrap Up 2021

2021 showed the 26th year of the club. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 lockdowns within Greater Sydney, the season had to regrettably be cut short after the 11th round.

Regardless of the short season, there have still been many triumphs and records broken for the club.

This season saw the largest number of registered players for the club with 167 players. Having 5, All Age Men’s team (Premier League, Reserve Team, Division 8, Division 9 & Division 10), as well as an Over 35’s team (Division 3). Our Junior teams, having only started in 2019, have grown exponentially with the club with a Super League (Division 1) Team in the Under 16, Under 15, Under 14 and Under 13.

The Club welcomed a new Premier League Coach, with Stephen Roach taking the reins along with the assistance of Roy Wethereld. The club saw an impressive number or players trialing out for our Premier League squad in February, the largest the club has ever seen of over 50 players.
Pre-season saw a good start with Knox United Premier League winning the Old Boys Cup, with a 2-1 Win over Old Barker FC.

The start to the Season was a bit more a shaky for Premier League, with some close losses and injuries but with going into the second half of the season, the team were showing their real strength and endurance to make the come back for the tail end of thee season. Reserve Team did well, showing their resilience with being consistent through the season and able to sit in top 4 when the season ended.

Our Social Teams thrived with the addition of 2 new teams this season of Division 8 and 10. A stand out performance from Division 8; who out of the short 11 round season, only lost 1 game, and finished at the top of the table.

Division 9 saw the return of a lot of players from the previous season, showing they were able to hold their own, finishing middle of the table. And our Division 10 team, which was comprised of all recent school levers, had a shaky start to the season, but were able to start their clime of the ladder, with finishing middle of table as well.

Knox United’s Over 35’s are a force to be reckoned with and were able to show it with an impressive 6-0 win over Chatswood Rangers. The biggest scoreline for the club this season. Sadly we saw the end to their undefeated streak of 21 games but were still able to prove there are a never saw die team on the pitch with ending up in the top 3 in their table.

Knox United’s Junior teams were a massive boost for the clubs with all teams and players preforming well in there respective divisions. Under 16’s were able to hold strong with finishing in the middle of the table. Under 15’s, 14’s and 13’s showed great strength and resilience, with all preforming immensely to push through the season. 

We as a club look forward to the 2022 season, with the expansion of the club with more Junior teams and Social Men’s All Age teams.

After the short end to the season, we know everyone is keen to get back on the pitch as soon as possible in the 2022 season.