Ben Drury

Name: Ben Drury

Squad Number: TBA

Position: Fullback

Joined club in: 2013

Appearances for the club: 180

KUFC Premier League Debut Number: 104

Goals scored: 2

Honours: Mallacoota Cup Champions 2014 & 2015


What you love about the club?
Knox United has all the talent but lacks ambition, which is great for social games at a high standard.

Why did you join Knox United FC?
My older brother played at Knox United & enjoyed the culture + friendships he developed. Was great playing alongside him in a few games.

Most rememberable fixture you’ve played in for the club?
2014 Mallacoota Cup, group stage – scoring goal of the tournament. Also that same tournament winning the grand final.

Where have you play before you joined for Knox United FC?
Wahroonga Tigers FC – 2012

What professional team or player do you follow and why?
Manchester United FC – got given a Van Nistelroy jersey when I was a youngster & have loved them ever since. .

Who do you think is the G.O.A.T?
Has to be Cristiano Ronaldo

Which fixture are you most looking forward to in the 2023 season? and why?
Retro round – Black Dog Institute fundraiser where we wear really old Knox United jersey.